2nd Annual Jackson Park 5 Classic Run, June 15

Date: June 15, 2017

Time: 6:30 pm

Building on a new and exciting race in Chicago… The Jackson Park 5 Classic Run (5K). Bring your 70’s Afro, Pasiley Vest, Peace Medallion and Bell Bottom Pants. Make it Funky with the Fast 5K…

The Jackson Park Five Classic Run is an event to recognize the five communities surrounding Jackson Park. This is event was spearheaded by Alderman Leslie A Hairston, Tri-Master-Youth Camps and South East Chicago Commission (SECC). The Run will have a 1960’s and 1970’s inspired theme, costumes are welcome.

Tri-Masters is celebrating more than 25 years of fighting childhood obesity and teaching youth to live a healthy lifestyles through the sport of triathlon.

Founded in 1952, SECC has programs that enhance the quality of life in five neighborhoods. Proceeds from the Jackson Park Five Classic Run will benefit Tri-Masters Sports Initiative and SECC.

Runner/Walker Premiums

All participants will receive a premium shirt.
All participants will receive a virtual goodie bag and light post-race refreshments.


Jackson Park – Basketball Court
5700 E Hayes Drive
Chicago, IL 60649

For info, email us at