An Inspirational Journey

There are tons of choices when it comes to planning your next vacation

Yes Sir, Yes Sir, 3 Bags Full! – A Book That Will Leave You Gasping

Book Review by Amy Lignor

Saying Goodbye to Legends…

Saying Goodbye to Legends… by Amy Lignor When someone you admire departs the Earth, it is extremely sad to come to terms with.

The World Continues to Reveal Its Secrets

We all know the names of those “magical” locations recorded throughout history

Controlling a Species: Humans Being Humane

Humane. There is a reason why this word and human

There Are Superheroes Among Us

This story truly proves that a superhero does not require a cape, tights, or the ability to fly

Vacation Time Has Turned “Spooky”

Myths and legends, both spooky and surreal, are becoming the subject

There’s More to Fall Than Football

Although football returning is usually the “most anticipated” part of Fall TV

Doing Our Part

There are books being published as of late – wonderful books

Tick Man Dan Says: Be Tick Smart!

Tick bites have become far more common in the past two decades, with Lyme disease creating havoc and being the subject of many headlines across the country

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