Cast and Blast Gives You Better of Two Worlds


Cast and Blast Gives You Better of Two Worlds

By Craig Lamb

Cast and blast, or fishing and hunting trips combined into one, is the ultimate fantasy turned reality for the avid sportsman.

You get the better of two worlds, depending on timing and where you go. That’s a tough call since you expect sore arms from fighting trophy fish, and a sore shoulder from your shotgun’s recoil in a duck blind.

It’s a difficult feat to pull off in fall and winter when fishing success diminishes and hunting gets better. There is one place though, where the Mississippi Flyway ends, and the waterfowl stay for winter. It is the same place where miraculously the marshes come alive with trophy bull redfish and literally every other prized saltwater species.

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Best of all, both sports are within miles apart and you will stay nearby in a first-class lodge with equally as superb service and amenities.

All of the above can be discovered at Home Run Charters & Lodge, located in Venice, Louisiana, the most fertile game and fish waters in the nation during the fall and winter.

The reasons are twofold. Home Run Charters has private access to 10,000 acres of prime waterfowl hunting for gadwall, widgeon, redheads, canvasbacks, buffle heads, rudy ducks and bluebills.

On the flip side, the fishing is equally as superb. This is where the Mississippi River infuses coastal marshes with nutrients that supercharge the food chain. Think a food chain, from tiny crustaceans to top-level predators that live on steroids. The fish grow big, fight hard and are plentiful.

From now through January and into early spring the Mississippi River is lower than any other time of the year. As a result, the water is clearer and conditions more predictable.

Here is what you can expect on a typical cast and blast booked through home run charters.

Hunters are transported aboard safe, spacious skiffs or airboats for the half-hour run to the blinds. Hunters are dropped off at the blind, where the decoy spreads already are in place. Hunt until around 10 a.m. and get picked back up and transported to the lodge.

After a brunch and some much-needed downtime the action shifts to the fishing. Steps away from your lodging the boats and captains await your arrival, including the tackle that is already rigged.

From there you will enter the clear water of the marsh, where it is highly likely you will see tailing bull trophy redfish in the double digit weight class. Speckled trout, flounder, and other game fish are there too, and all for the same reason. Those are feasting on the buffet of food taking advantage of the cooler water.

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Click here for more about the Blast & Cast trips.

There are distinct advantages to having so much hunting areas and the fertile waters of the Gulf of Mexico within a short distance.

“For the hunting, we have so much area that the blinds never over hunted,” explained Brian Sherman, a licensed captain and guide for Home Run Charters.

The outfitter goes through a rotation of blinds to keep fresh, un-hunted birds attracted to the area. That is the reason why the cast and blast is appealing to large groups of hunters and anglers.

“We can also rotate the cast and blast part of the day, depending on the fishing, hunting and weather conditions for a given day,” he continued.

Home Run Fishing Charters and Lodge is the premier outfitter in Venice and for a lot of reasons. Luxury accommodations, gourmet dining, Cajun hospitality and experienced, licensed captains using the latest and best boats and equipment are why.

This is the first season for the cast and blast trips at Home Run Charters. Book now to take advantage of the waterfowl season coming up. It’s going to be a good one, with duck numbers up for Louisiana’s most-sought after ducks.

Want to know more about Home Run Charters? Check out the website at Find out more about the inshore fishing, including rates, by clicking here. To get updated fishing reports, conditions and just chat with someone at Home Run Charters, call (504) 982-8862.



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