NEW Apex Gear ATTITUDE Archery Sight with Choice Pin Selector™


NEW Apex Gear ATTITUDE Archery Sight with Choice Pin Selector™

Change Your ATTITUDE with Apex Gear

by Capt. Ted Lund


If you’re looking to change your outlook about multi-pin archery sights, you might not have to look any further than the new ATTITUDE with Opti-Choice Pin Selector  from Apex Gear – a company who’s mission is “Performance Driven” technology for bow hunters.

Attitude Sight by APEX GEAR

Attitude Sight

Apex Gear’s new, compact and ultra-lightweight archery sight offers a technically superior and unique feature not offered by ANY other bow sight manufacturer – the Opti-Choice Pin Selector. Have you ever experienced doubt selecting the correct pin for the distance? Not any more! With the simple twist of a dial, archers can chose which of the five multi-colored pins they would like to highlight. Once the desired pin is selected, the archer has the ability to adjust the intensity of illumination, helping them to dial in their shot. It’s so easy to use! Simply rotate the Optic-Choice dial to select exactly which pin to illuminate. Then push-in the dial for multiple brightness settings (Low, Medium, High, Off). That’s all there is to it! Pick the correct pin EVERY TIME with the Optic-Choice Pin Selector technology.

Another beneficial feature offered on this sight is the new Pro-Brite™ pin technology. This simple yet sophisticated .019” dia. pin design helps to minimize pin gap while maximizing brightness. The sight also boasts Apex’s proprietary Gravity-Line™ rotational adjustment that aligns pin movement with gravity for unlimited options — whether making a difficult tree stand shot or dealing with extreme, difficult shot angles. Target acquisition is razor-sharp and nearly instantaneous thanks to a glow-in-the-dark shooter’s ring. And the adjustable level is also illuminated with luminescent  tape. The new ATTITUDE is a feature-filled option for bow hunters looking for a unique and dependable 5.

Apex’s ATTITUDE is convertible for left or right-handed shooters and is CNC-machined with precision from aluminum. The sight also features reduced vibration characteristics thanks to a TRU-TOUCH™ soft-feel technical coating that helps dampen vibrations. Offered in a matte black finish, MSRP is $135.

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