Bloody Amazing Mary Mix

Bloody Amazing Mary Mix

Makes it Easy to Prepare a PERFECT Bloody Mary


Fresh Garden Ingredients

St. Simons Island, GA — When Marian Aiksnoras introduced her new Bloody Amazing Mary Mix in April 2014, its debut was conveniently synchronized with Travel + Leisure Magazine naming her home at St. Simons Island beach the #1 Best Beach in America. And what could be tastier than a delicious bloody mary to begin or end each perfect beach day for folks who adore this classic cocktail?


There are many stories and myths about the quintessential ‘bloody mary’, as the name has been associated with historical figures from Queen Mary I of England to Hollywood star Mary Pickford. The location where vintage ‘bloody mary’ cocktails have been shaken range widely from Harry’s Bar in Paris to New York’s 21 Club. Who initiated the famous drink of today? That is also a great debate between creative bartenders and international celebrities.


Now we can add this new concept Bloody Amazing Mary Mix to the roster of complex contenders. Is it traditional with Tabasco, black pepper, lemon and celery salt? We recognize that it’s not for horseradish heads who cherish the big bold overwhelming flavor and aroma. Nor is it hot ~ leaving you with a serious burn. It’s none of the aforementioned concoctions.


Aiksnoras states “My goal was to produce a well-balanced bloody mary mix that would appeal to many, in which the flavors marry and complement each other with none overtaking the others. Not too hot – but a nice kick on the finish. And it’s so tasty. It contains the perfect mix of seasonings and juice to make the perfect bloody mary.  Just add spirit!”


Bloody Amazing Mary with gourmet peanuts to snack

The Bloody Amazing formula is bright and tastes freshly made with premier time-tested gluten free ingredients and no high fructose corn syrup added. It’s bottled in small boutique batches to maintain ultra consistent flavor combinations, ready to mix with a shot of liquor, invent with a splash of something unique or just enjoy it from the bottle for a perfect Bloody Amazingvirgin mary. Bloody Amazing has done the hard part; now you only have to decide upon the finishing flavors and garnishes.




The Art of the Cocktail

When you consider the ‘art’ of the cocktail, the Bloody Amazing Mary Mix is a blank canvas to the bloody mary artist when it comes to creating a personal cocktail. The traditional bloody mary is often mixed with vodka, although there is a vast array of wonderful drinks that can be created using imagination. Aiksnoras says “Be adventurous. Try your favorite liquor; add something innovative, perhaps a juice or an unusual garnish. Try new recipes ~ Remember, variety is the spice of life”.



“Southern Irish Mary”

3 oz. Bloody Amazing Mary Mix

2 oz. Bourbon

2 oz. Guinness Dark Stout

Blend, pour over ice and garnish with a slice of lime and green olive. Yum!


Marian Aiksnoras is Bloody Amazing!



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